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We started baking from our home as a way to raise money for a family vacation back in 2003. What we thought was a little side gig for the summer turned into more than our home kitchen could accommodate. We no longer had a defined kitchen, dining room and living room. So it was time to either quit or go larger. We opted to build. So for about 11 months, we worked on building and didn't do any baking. We opened the current business just in time for Thanksgiving orders in 2008. And we've grown from a basic bakery to a small deli / lunch cafe. Our shelves are filled with freshly baked breads, pies, cakes, cinnamon rolls and sweet breads, as well as gift items, snacks, canned goods, and fresh meats and cheeses. There's something for everyone! 

O.J. and Laura Miller


Laura is the force behind the bakery's success. She handles all of the mixing, rolling, shaping and baking to keep the homemade treats on the shelves. She also  manages things behind the scenes and is often at the counter helping customers.

Judith Apuli

Right Hand Help :)

Judith is O.J. and Laura's second oldest daughter. She helps with lots of odds and ends, from packaging goodies to helping prepare for the lunch crowd. She is married to Cody and they have two little ones who love to play in Grandma's kitchen. :)

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